We are all on a journey to create and live the most meaningful life.
Mome Mission
Mome Mission
MOME’s mission is to bring the most meaningful moments and ideas to life with love, creativity and soul, helping us all on OUR journey.
"The journey of  meaning discovery,  leads to   meaning  creation"
Chong Shi, MOME - Founder & CEO
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We work with influential  brands, creators and  artists  who are interested in long term value creation, to authentically turn your meaningful IP and ideas into digital collectibles, growing highly engaged and loyal communities and businesses.

What we do

Our team will spend time with you to define and brainstorm how to bring your brand\'s IP and meaning to Web3.
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Our team will help you map out your entire web3 roadmap and your go-to market strategy.
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Our team will work with you to curate & create the content for your NFTs.
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We will grow, educate and manage your community in Web3
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Our end-to-end solution takes care of all the technologies required to execute your strategies, such as smart contracts, custom token mechanics and NFT marketplace integrations.
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The team supporting you

We work together to bring your most iconic moments to life with intention and meaning, utilizing the blockchain technology to create your legacy.

We’re a group of highly talented strategists, animators, designers and engineers who are passionate about using the most meaningful moments in culture to create a kind, loving and sustainable world.
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Chong Shi
Co-founder & CEO
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Nigell Lee
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Stefano Tempesta
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Darian Pizem
Co-founder & Partnerships
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Head of Community
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Sohan Karunaratne
Marketing Advisor
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