MOME believe that we, as human beings all share one important goal in life. We are all here to live a meaningful life .

What is a meaningful life

What is meaningful is different to each person depending on our perception of life. But when we look closely, there are some common patterns that help all of us on this journey.

Connection - Meaningful relationships with our family, tribes and most importantly with ourselves.

Freedom - The ability to use our time to do what we want in life.

Health - Physical and Mental health, helping us to experience and appreciate this journey.

Our Intentions

1. MOME's purpose is to help people to live a meaningful life.

2. We are relentlessly focused on creating long term value to our community and partners.

3. We are building the most meaningful community by creating, discovering and sharing meaning with the world.

4. We are here to bring awareness, mindfulness and better mental health to the global web3 community.

5. We lead by example and set the standard for a healthy web3 culture that is driven by deep connection, meaning and unity.

6. We are helping the world to understand that meaning is the source of value. The journey of discovering and creating meaning will bring real value to the world.